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I have been using your templates for a few years and it changed my whole life! You are such a perfectionist! Just brilliant!!

- Nigel C - South Africa

Thank you so much for your great products & all your help!

- Sue M - United States

I purchased the excel templates last week. They are wonderful tools to use. Thank you!

- Benjamin M - South Africa

Thank you very much and very good templates.

- Vinit G - India

This is exactly what I am looking for! Thanks very much for your great products! Very much appreciated.

- Jeroen V - Netherlands

Thank you very much! Loving this product!!!!

- Ina B - Namibia

Your products have simplified the basics of accounting for small businesses who just start out and entrepreneurs, I absolutely love it!

- Shanelle C - South Africa

Thanks for a great product!

- Julie P - Canada

I purchased your excel accounting skills templates 3 months ago and I must say it has worked wonders in my business. Thank you so much for such a super tool!

- Bakang M - Botswana

Template Frequently Asked Questions
Is the use of your templates restricted to any pre-determined period?

No, all our templates can be downloaded and saved onto your system and the use of our templates is not restricted to any pre-determined period. Once you have therefore downloaded our templates, you can basically use them forever! Note that this also applies to customers who decide to purchase a full membership - all members will be able to continue using the templates long after their membership period has expired (as long as they have downloaded the templates before the membership expiry date).

Are the full versions of your templates protected in any way? Will I be able to make changes to the templates?

The full versions of the templates contain no protection. This means that you will have full access to all cells and the formulas that are included in all the cells. You will also be able to make changes to the templates.

Are there any annual charges applicable to the use of the templates?

No, the prices that are quoted on our website are once-off prices. This means that after you purchase any of our templates, you can basically use them forever without incurring any additional fees. Also note that if you elect to purchase a full membership in order to download all 50+ of our unique templates, the full membership price is also once-off and you don't need to register for another year in order to keep using the templates. Just make sure that you download all the templates before your membership expires!

What is the difference between the .xls and .xlsx file formats?

The .xls file format is appropriate for all users of the old Excel 2003 version while the .xlsx file format is appropriate for all users of the Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016 versions. The newer versions of Excel contain features that make it a bit easier to work with data in spreadsheets which have been incorporated into the .xlsx file versions of our templates. For instance, most of the .xlsx versions of the templates use the Excel tables feature which is not compatible with Excel 2003. This does not however mean that the calculation functionality differs between the two versions of the template files - the calculation results are exactly the same! Mac users should note that we recommend using the .xls version of the templates if they are running any version of Office for Mac before the 2011 version in order to ensure that the templates are compatible with their version of Excel. Open Office users should also use the .xls file format.

Do any of the Excel templates contain macros?

We only use macros in order to facilitate providing trial versions of all our unique templates. The trial version macros are 100% safe & secure and can be enabled in order to try out the functionality that has been included in the particular template. None of the full versions of our unique Excel templates contain macros. We've only used the functions and features that are available in the standard Microsoft Excel application in developing the full versions of all our Excel templates. This approach ensures that you do not need to install any other Excel add-ins or components in order to use our templates and that the templates will be compatible with any version of Microsoft Office that is being used (including Office for Mac).

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