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27 Personal Cash Flow Template
Record your personal income & expenses from an unlimited number of transaction sources and the template automatically compiles a monthly personal finance report for any user defined 12 month period. Transactions can be entered or copied from bank account or credit card account statements before allocating the transactions to the appropriate personal finance accounts. User defined reporting dates & easy to roll forward.
  • Record & analyze personal (household) income & expenses
  • Accommodates an unlimited number of transaction sources
  • Reconcile recorded transactions to account statement balances
  • 12 Month report automatically compiled from transactions entered
  • 65 Default accounts (additional accounts can be added)
  • Reporting periods determined by user defined start date
  • Filter report by individual transaction source
  • Report can be rolled forward or back by changing one date
28 Income Tax Calculation Template
Perform income tax calculations based on multiple tax brackets (also referred to as a sliding income tax scale). Template design incorporates seven default tax brackets but additional tax brackets can be added if required. All income tax calculations are automated and you only need to specify the gross monthly salary in order to calculate monthly income tax amounts.
  • Flexible design accommodates any income tax calculation
  • Includes 7 default income tax brackets (you can create more)
  • Calculates income tax based on variable monthly remuneration
  • All income tax calculations are automated
  • Includes medical aid deduction calculation for PAYE purposes
29 Fixed Term Deposits Template
Compile an investment account statement for any fixed term deposit. The investment account statement includes interest calculations that are based on daily investment account balances and capitalized to the investment account on any user defined date. The template uses the same calculation methodology that is applied by most financial institutions.
  • Suitable for any fixed term deposit that is subject to daily interest calculation
  • Automated investment account statement based on limited user input
  • Automated calculation of interest
  • Facilitates capitalizing interest on any user defined date
  • Accommodates multiple deposits, withdrawals & interest rate changes
  • Automated monthly investment account summary
30 Annuity Investment Return Template
Calculate the annual investment return that results from the investment of a monthly annuity. Facilitates including a lump sum in the investment return calculation, calculating an investment valuation forecast and calculating a cumulative annual investment return. The investment return calculations in this unique template can be applied to most annuity type investments and can even be used to calculate the investment return that results from pension fund contributions.
  • Suitable for most annuity type investments
  • Record monthly annuity amounts
  • Record investment valuation as per monthly statement
  • Automated calculation of annual investment return
  • Also facilitates calculating overall annual investment return
  • Includes investment valuation forecast calculations
  • Accommodates initial lump sum investment amount
  • Accommodates constant & variable annuity amounts
  • Includes annual investment return chart
31 Residential Property Investment Return Template
Compile a comprehensive residential property investment forecast for any property investment or primary residence over any investment period between 1 month and 20 years. Incorporates variable monthly interest rates, an unlimited number of ad hoc bond repayments, variable annual capital growth rates and property income tax & capital gains tax calculations.
  • Limited user input in order to compile comprehensive, automated forecast
  • Variable monthly interest rates & unlimited ad hoc bond repayments
  • Variable annual capital growth rates
  • Includes capital gains tax & income tax
  • Detailed monthly amortization table & detailed annual cash flow report
  • Comprehensive property investment return analysis
  • Annual equity balances (before & after disposal cost provisions)
  • Net present value (NPV) and internal rate of return (IRR)
  • Annual return on equity (ROE)
  • Annual gross & net rental yields
32 Vehicle Logbook Template
Compile a complete vehicle logbook for all business and private travel. The template accommodates multiple vehicles and can also be used to calculate travel charges for invoicing to clients. Suitable for individuals who need to compile a vehicle logbook for income tax purposes and for businesses needing to manage a fleet of vehicles, calculate client charges, manage pool cars and to analyze business & private use of vehicles.
  • Suitable for individual & business use
  • Accommodates an unlimited number of vehicles
  • Compile a comprehensive logbook for each vehicle
  • Calculate client travel charges for invoicing
  • Analyze business & private use of all vehicles
  • Monitor number of business trips per client & per vehicle
  • Calculations can be filtered for individual vehicles or clients
  • Standard form for recording of all trips
33 Expense Claims Template
Record expense claims to automatically calculate expense claim totals by client, employee and expense account. The template can be used by individual employees for recording the expenses that they need to claim or by businesses for the recording & allocation of all employee expense claims. Contains an expense claim remittance which can be printed, attached to supporting documents, signed off by employees and authorized for payment by managers.
  • Save separate versions for business & employee use
  • Employees record all their detailed expense claims
  • Copy individual employee claim details into business version
  • Automated report for charges to clients
  • Automated report for analysis of claims per employee
  • Automated report for allocation of claims to expense accounts
  • Automated remittance for approval of expense claims by management
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